Is it practical to go back and practice your career after u've been away a long time?

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Hello guys! I just want to get some views regarding my situation, and I know that there are also some nurses out there which more or less in the same scenario. Well, I graduated 1994, I took the local board the same year and I fortunately passed. I was so excited, and I begun to submit CVs to different hospitals. I got one but only as a volunteer nurse, they promise me that I will get hired as long as there would be available slot (position). I work almost a year, and still there were no slot open, and then I made up a decision that I will not survive working for free. During those years opportunities for nurses were rare, so I decided to try other field wherein I will be financially compensated. I was hired in a restaurant business (by the way many graduate nurses/ RN have ended in that field, and some of my friends ended up as medrep).

It has been so long now that I am out of the nursing profession, I am still in the restaurant business and working abroad. Do you think that is it practical to go back to practice nursing if you are in my case? Is there any hospital that will accept nurses like me? Is there any of you guys that had experienced the same? Please share any of your thoughts or views. Thanks a lot!

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There are several here that just arrived in the US to start nursing jobs, and may have even been in your class.

Good luck to you.

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