Is it possible to pursue a nursing degree with an assault charge not conviction?

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OK so when I was 22 almost 4 years ago, I was in a domestic, violent relationship and I got charged with an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because I crashed into my exes car. I am totally a different person. I have been clean from alcohol for three years and I am currently doing anger management classes, and I haven't caught any charges since then. I have two beautiful children and they deserve for their mom to pave a better life for them. I refuse to give up. My question is has anybody ever been in the same situation facing a felony and got licensed? what would be your recommendation first because I haven't signed for anything yet and the judge is wanting to give me deferred adjudication since it's my first time getting in trouble and my Lawyer is advising me to take that so I can non-disclosure the charge. What steps would I take to bring this to the BON attention to possibly pardon me so I'm able to be blue carded to enter the LVN program successfully and take the NCLEX exam. (Case is still pending until I pick an option the judge has offered)

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