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Is it possible to get in right out of BSN school?


I will be graduating with my BSN in May 2015. I would like to, ideally, continue to roll on through my grad school immediately after, while working of course. My questions have been asked millions of times on here I am sure, I have read many threads (you guys are SOOOO helpful!!!) but just have a few more questions:

Is it POSSIBLE to get into FNP school with a 3.0 GPA right out of BSN school?

What schools offer online courses? I am of course hoping to find the most cost effective school, hopefully online.

I completely understand that a few years under my belt will be ideal, but I have also read that many times the school just require you to complete additional clinical hours if you lack experience.

Thanks so much for your time!

Schools vary greatly in their required GPA. Some have an almost open-admissions policy (lots of the for-profit schools), whereas some are highly selective and look not just at GPA but goals, leadership, etc. (some of the private schools). Schools also differ on whether they allow new grads to apply without experience, and some require that you have experience prior to starting your first clinical. (I have never heard of a school that requires additional clinical hours if you lack experience, however.) Many schools offer all on-line or mostly on-line programs; I am sure you can find lots of references just with a google search. It seems there is a school with a program to meet almost any schedule/background, and more and more schools (including top schools) are offering all on-line programs all the time.