Is OCC Online Chemistry a good course?

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Little bit of background but you can skip to the bold part below if you want: I'm a mil. veteran preparing to apply for an accelerated BSN program next year at a different location because my wife is still actively serving. I'm halfway through the prerequisites with As in everything so far and this fall will be taking Statistics (online), A & P II (in-person), and Developmental Pysch. (in-person).

Without throwing my local community college under the bus, though I received an A in the class it was not without many frustrations and pretty much learning the material entirely myself. I felt like I was wasting time in lectures that were just PowerPoint slides being read verbatim and some tests were unfair in that they were administered right after going over the new material for the first time in class (overall poorly structured).

I will be moving at the end of the year across the country away from my family right after the semester ends and will be taking a few days off during the semester to spend time with family which is why I'm considering another online class in order to ensure I can maintain a high grade.

I've heard that the Ocean Community College courses are respected and reputable but is it worth all the extra money and is the traditional General Chemistry I with lab class paced enough to where I will not be struggling between my course load? I am willing to pay more for a better quality education and class structure which will lead to a better GPA. Thank you!

I'm not familiar with OCC, but I have take great classes at a community college and awful classes at a community college. Likewise, I have taken great and horrible classes at a "prestigious" university. Honestly, the difference is the instructor. If you go to some fancy expensive university, no amount of tuition dollars is going to make a horrible teacher better.

If I couldn't get recommendations from classmates, I would base my course selection on reviews I read on Remember, people like to complain more than they like to praise. So, take the reviews with a grain of salt. However, if 50 people all say it's the worst class they've ever had, I'd probably try to find another instructor.

Yes, agreed. I love my Micro professor and the rest that I have had, just the chemistry course I just took was almost laughably frustrating for the entire class. There is one other instructor that I have not heard great things about (other students already filled up what I assume is the best professor's courses) but I will definitely ask about. Thank you beekee.

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