Is nursing school still a possibility for me? What should I do?


Currently, I'm a pre-nursing student at Baylor University in Texas. I had to retake Anatomy & Physiology 1 this semester because my grade was a "D" and this semester it's looking like it'll be the same way. For those who aren't aware, the Anatomy & Physiology courses required for pre-nursing students to take at Baylor is ridiculously hard; there are some pre-med students in our class who take it their senior year. But even though this grade is a D, my other grades are perfectly fine. Since I can no longer repeat the course to try and make a better grade, due to the University policy, I can't apply to the nursing school that is affiliated with the nursing program here at Baylor. I was advised to change majors, but the truth is I don't see myself doing anything else but nursing.

So I was wondering if I were to transfer to a different school, get my grades up and the rest of my pre-reqs done, then apply to nursing schools, I could still make it in? Would my grades be replaced? Is all hope lost for me?

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I know that here at Lamar university in beaumont tx if you were to retake your Anatomy then they would factor in the grade you made at your previous school. For instance, if you made a C somewhere else, and an A here it would average out to a B. You still have a really good chance of getting into the nursing program at lamar even if you have a C in one of your sciences, just make sure it is your only C and you will be alright.