Is nursing school math intensive?


Just wondering how math intensive nursing school is, because I'm not the world's best math student. As long as it's not too complex I can handle it, but I was just wondering how often math is incorperated. I figure I will be dealing with math when it comes to measuring and things of that nature, but could anyone tell me a little more? Just so I'm prepared more... ;)

Thanks a lot.


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I start RN school tomorrow but when I went to registration the instructors gave me a review f the math we will be dealing with. We have to pass this math basics test to even go on in this program. There was fractions, decimals, proportions roman numerals, and some word problems. As soon as I started the review I found I remembered a lot of what I had learned previousely. I am like the worse ever at math and I am confident that I can do this drug calc stuff. Best of luck to you.


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Basic math is incorporated alot, for dosage calculation. Multiplication and division, fractions and decimals. I personally found the dimensional analysis learned in chemistry to be useful at first, then sort of found my own way of working it through.

But the math you are using in nursing itself is really not intensive.


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Well, I am terrified of math and was very surprised when we got our first math test. It was easy but daunting as we could not use calculators...needless to say..the math for nursing is not all that hard and that is coming from someone who cannot do math. Once you learn the formula to use, it is pretty basic. I practice daily on my doseage calculations, I will NOT fail nursing because I am bad at math. Good luck,,,

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