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     Recently, I was in an ABSN and had a very toxic run-in with a professor. She ended up writing a false report of unprofessional conduct on my part. I was dismissed from the program bc of it, attempted to resolve it with a lawyer, but it didn't work. The school would not budge in not giving me a letter of good standing either. I have disciplinary history at this school now after having a spotless record my entire life. My question is...has anybody been in this boat, dismissed from one program and concerned that your disciplinary history from the old school will prevent you from getting into another school? Has anybody been able to successfully go to another school despite that disciplinary history? Please share. Thanks. 

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Ouch! Since you  posted this in a category "Men in Nursing", your sex must have been a factor. What happened? of course you may get back into another program, but without knowing the facts it is a guessing game. I have never heard of a school giving a letter in good standing when they dismiss a student. Weren't you dismissed because of a poor standing?


attempted to resolve it with a lawyer, but it didn't work

Okay, find another school, meet their requirements, if,  the attendance at the other school comes up state it "it was not a good fit". Where did you get your prereqs from?  get letters of reference from those professors, continue to work a health care job. get letters from them. Figure out how to  NOT have a similar problem occur when you get into a new school. FIGURE IT OUT!

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