Is nursing actually worth it?


Hey guys, okay so after reading a ton of these articles and just from listening to people talk, it sounds like nursing is not very rewarding...and not worth the struggle of schooling. Ive wanted to be a nurse for years but im starting to get discouraged...I hear many people complain about how they dont get paid well, they get treated very badly by doctors and patients, and how its not worth it or even how they CANT FIND JOBS! i was told nursing is in high demand. I dont want to struggle and fight through all the hard work for something thats not going to pay me well or not feel very rewarding at the end of the day or when i graduate i cant even find a job....

Its making me kind of nervous to pursue this career now? :unsure: Are there any nurses who can say anything positive? Or how they actually enjoy what they do?

Hi there...I remember years ago working at a medical facility with a rn who frequently worked in a hospital as well. I asked her, "whats your thoughts on nursing?", being that i've always had an interested in the field. Her response was doctors and patients often treat you like crap, the hours are ridiculous, pain on your body, and the list goes on and on. However, she never complained about pay or finding a job. This may sound cliche, but I truly believe nursing is a selfless job. If your going into for the money, don't. If you thinks your patients will be grateful, most won't. Job demand definitely can depend on where you reside and from research it seems as nursing with no experience do have a hard time finding work. Turnover rates are quite high in nursing, so it leaves plenty of room to move around if you are experience. I can understand you being nervous about the field. I am too, concern about initially getting into the field. However, this is something that I really want and I have tough skin. If you really want to be nurse, go for it.

Forgot to add, that I have come across nurses who absolutely love their jobs: the flexibility, pay, ability to indulge in various specialities, and just love to take care of others. You learn how to get humans and work around the humps. Just have to have a positive outlook. : )


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Well I hope it's worth it ... I just got into school!

However, I think it really depends on how you define 'worth it'. I mean, are you using money & prestige as your 'worth it' definition? Then no, probably not.

A lot of the 'not being able to find a job' complaints that I've read are people who are casting a very NARROW job search net. People who only want XYZ floor or only want XYZ hospital or only want XYZ hours. For your first job, unless you were a rockstar in school and 'know people' you probably have to accept a less than 'dream' job. You'll probably need to put in 'your time' in the less desireable units and shifts. Other factors I've seen in the complaints are people who are unable/unwilling to move from an area that's REALLY popular (south FL, DFW TX) to other less popular places.

Cast a wide net, be flexible, be humble. You probably won't get rich doing this, but you will make a difference.