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Is now the time?


Hi everyone!

Quick question, so I'm ready to go to school to become an LVN and have been accepted to 2 programs so far. Issue is, due to the Pandemic no one can give me an answer as to what to expect next with our future clinicals and the potential lack of hands-on care we will be giving. Social distancing is the reason and I think we all understand that there is loads of uncertainty going on but I'm am completely ready to start my journey for school now more than ever.

Can I have some feedback, opinions? I really need to know if I should go for one of these program offers or if I should just wait until the pandemic is over? One of the schools is stating they expect to be back on campus May 18th, while the other is stating that current cohorts and incoming students will be all online until further notice.

It's not the virus that scares me so much, more so the uncertainty of the curriculum and clinical experience. I don't want to miss anything!

Thank you and take care to everyone in the universe.