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Is this normal? Help

Kdiane Kdiane (New) New

Ok so I'm a Lpn student and I have just completed my first semester and I am on my first semester clinical day 2. Today we have been assigned two residents in LTC amd I'm so scared and nervous and have cried on and off worrying about doing all the care myself. We are doing the basic like dressing and bathing ect. But I have no previous experience in this field. Is it normal that I feel this way? I'm up all night just thinking about it and some advice from those who have been In my shoes are appreciated. :)

I've felt this way as a CNA. It's a daunting thing...to take care of people that are sick. It's possible that Long term care just isn't your thing. That doesn't mean that you're not LPN material. Just focus on what areas you love, and take that path when you decide where you want to work. ;)

Thank you so much! :)