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Is this normal, even in NS? (regarding finishing books by end of class)


Hello everyone :)

I am a little concerned about the pace of class for my NS. We are working a bit slow it seems (for NS, lol, at least I think!) We have 1 month left for this quarter and we are only 1/2 way through the Fundamentals book! This worries me because I want to get EVERYTHING possible out of this class in preparation for the HESI and NCLEX. It concerns me that I will only have gone into fundamental details for half of the required info in order to pass these tests, you know? Are my concerns founded? Did you get through ALL your books from front to back? :uhoh21:

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I am only in my second semester, and we have covered a lot of my Fundamentals book, but no not all. The instructors prioritize what we should learn when, so we do not even follow the book order at all. We also do not learn all of physical assessment untill our last semester so we do not get overwhelmed. My school has one of the highest % for passing NCLEX, so they must be dong something right.

If its anything like my program, you will use all the books throughout the program. We are not going to get through our entire fundamentals book this semester because we will be learning from it in future semesters as well. Ask your instructor.

Agreed. They only use the parts of those texts that are relevant to your particular level. Most texts include all kinds of info such as advanced proceedures, even in a fundamentals book.

On the other hand, i dont know when u take ur nclex but bear in mind that your instructors have to aim to teach at a pace that is ok to make a majority of the students successful. So if you are above average or below avarage, the program wont be tailored to you. I often felt that nursing class was too slow considering the huge amount of nursing information on the nclex, and their is simply not enought time to cover it all.

Therefore, my advice to you is to #1 Do what ever learning necessary to get through the class your in at the time. #2 Get an NCLEX question book to guide your own independent studies. Your future is in your own hands as to what kind of nurse you will be.

However, Bear in Mind, on average, even the best nclex candidate only answers about 50% of the questions correctly. The official nclex website has excellent info on this. :)


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Well for the most part, every nursing class I have had so far, we cover on average about 90-95% of each book, so while we dont go over every single thing, we do get enough exposure to sort of work our way thru things if that makes sense?....

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