Is it normal to doupt?


Hi all. I'm a married mother of three (our youngest is 5mths old) I'm a sahm and full time pre-Nursing student. Im in my last three pre-required classes and so far I keep making B's. I'm taking a&p 1 now and then micro this Summer and finishing the yr out with a&p2 this fall.

I get a lot of studying in even with my baby but I second guess myself a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm not completely grasping the concept. Is it normal to feel like this? I know I want to be a Nurse in all these last three yrs of school I've never changed my major bcuz I know its what I want to do. I understand in this field we will constantly be learniw new medication and technology etc but I'm so afraid I'll suck at being a Nurse and end up failing. Even with B's I feel like its not good enough bcuz I've always been a straight A srudent in all previous classes.

I just need to know if these terrifying not feeling good enough type feelings is normal?

Any advice will be well received.


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I think doubt is normal for everyone:).

If your avatar is a real image of you, you might want to change that asap. You'll be surprised at employers, peers etc that can look you up.


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Ohh ok thanks will change.