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I'm a 21 year old new grad, and I find that I can't fall asleep when I have to work the next day. I guess the pressure of needing to sleep for the next day's nursing shift keeps me awake. I have tried everything. I know that my sleeping problem is in my head but my problems is getting to the point where I can't work anymore. So I'm now considering nights. How do I know if nights is right for me? I stayed up all night a few days ago and tried to go to sleep during the day. I stayed up until 7am and then went to sleep. I slept until 1030 and I couldn't fall asleep anymore. I tried to sleep several times but it didn't work. I felt light headed and slighty dizzy during the whole day. Then the next day I came down with a slight cold. Does this mean that I'm not meant for the night shift or maybe I just need time to get used to it? I'm getting really frustrated because otc sleep aids don't work on me and I don't want to rely on using prescription meds. How can I work to support myself if I can't work! I feel like crying! I actually tried one (sonota) and it didn't work! I started looking for an 11a to 11p shift but most of those shifts that I've found are in ER and I don't think that I can handle ER. Sorry for being a baby. Just writing this almost makes me cry... I need help... Thanks...


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Sounds like you have a similar problem that I used to have.I'm 22 and I get so worked up worrying about the next day when I get ready I go to sleep that I end up staring at the ceiling for hours and watching the clock, 12:00am... 1:00am....2, 3, 4. It drives ya crazy doesn't it? But don't get upset. I think you need to find a way to relax yourself. Exercise worked for me, and when I go to sleep, I sleep with head phones so that I can listen to music in order to distract myself from THINKING. Anything new that we try takes some getting used to, maybe you could ask your employer if you could try night shift for a few weeks and see if you like it.



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you could try pm's


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A warm bath and a relaxation yoga tape has me passed out on the floor before it's even over.

Perhaps there is an anxiety issue that you're not fully aware of...some aspect of work you just can't get comfortable with. Many of us have things that affect us yet it can take us a while to realize there is an issue with anything.

Good luck.

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