Is it necessary to take Medical Terminology for CLC nursing program?


I have no background in the medical field and was wondering if it is necessary to take the mecial terminology class before starting the nursing program at CLC? I was told that it's a good idea and it will help immensely. I just wanted some opinions of students that are actually in the program or have already completed it.

Thank you!!


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It would probably help you out, but it's not required. I haven't taken it, but you learn terms throughout the semesters as well...I just used flash cards to help me study them and did pretty good with it! But if you can take it, I say take it! Having a jump start isn't a bad idea, but if you can't, I wouldn't worry too much about'll still do fine!


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Lori is right. It is not required, but it IS one of the courses the nursing department recommends taking as an elective. I took it - WAAAAY back in 1992! It helps, and so I say to take it if you can.

As an aside, I took Latin for one year in high school (I know, what was I thinking?!?). Believe it or not though, it has really helped a ton with identifying medical terms. Who knew I'd actually get to use all that junk someday? Oh how I HATED Latin back then!!!

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