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Is there a masters program that seems to consistently produce well-trained NIs?


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Hi all,

First, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped others on the path to informatics. It is difficult finding resources due to how new the field is, so I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that the advice from experienced informaticians is greatly appreciated.

I'm a public health nurse (acute care background) who has decided to go back to school for Informatics. I completed a certificate program to make sure it was a field I wanted to enter. Shortly after completion, I was positioned to lead in the implementation and administration of a new emr system (while maintaining a full case load!). I really enjoyed what I learned in my postbacc and what I do at work and would like to continue my education with a masters.

Due to family and work obligations I only applied to the Universities with online programs. Because I will be paying for this masters completely out of pocket, cost is probably the main factor for me, but reading about the difficulty some members have with breaking into the field, alumni networking and school notoriety is taking a larger and larger influence with my decision.

Experienced Informaticists/Informaticians... have you noticed a university that consistently produces well-prepared informatics professionals?

Thank you all in advance

Well....just because I am biased and a new graduate, I would give kudos to Northern Kentucky University. :yes: They have both an MHI and an MSN-NI program. I graduated with my MHI. I had many classes to help prepare me and also had (2) capstone experiences. Both programs covered the basics of database, project management, and research. I also took courses in Systems Analysis & Design, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, and MHealth. There were many electives to choose from depending on your preferences. My courses were all online and I only stepped on campus two times. Once for a meet/greet and the second time for graduation. I lived a distance from the campus and appreciated this convenience. Take a look at nku.edu as you are exploring your options. Good Luck!


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(I tried to respond to the message you sent me, but it told me that you didn't have enough memory to receive it)

Regarding UCDenver:

Dr Skiba is excellent - I had 2 courses with her (eHealth and Systems Life Cycle), and she was there (along with 2 other faculty) when I presented the defense of my final project. She's very responsive, and proactive about setting up phone calls with students prior to the beginning of each semester. If you are willing to relocate to the Colorado area, you might be able to get a position there during or after your program if you are good at reaching out and making connections.

I had another awesome professor for Nursing Research/Statistics. The others were all very good, except one (I think it was the Nursing Policy instructor).

No school is perfect - but I learned A LOT in 2 years, and almost all of it was fascinating. Other highlights were my practicum - I logged 270 hours and developed a 40 page paper about the use of Health Information Exchange in the Management of CHF - and many of my classmates, especially those (about half) who already had informatics positions (another opportunity for you to network if you are willing to relocate). I did feel there were a few too many group projects - but I have heard that is true with most online programs.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about the curriculum.

PS I chose to apply to UC Denver based on my call with Dr Skiba, the description of the classes on their website, and the fact that the tuition was lower than any other program.