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Is It odd that I am excited

corann corann (New) New

I am really excited about this kind of nursing. I do feel I am compassionate, good communicator, critical thinker, and I am resilient. I am concerned about burn out or the emotional toll. What boundaries do you have in place? I haven't started work in this area but hoping for some advice on what I should put in place from the start. I would imagine self care is extremely important in this speciality.

Yes, self care is very important. As far as boundaries, just make it clear that patients should call the office number after hours even if they have your personal number. Some companies provide phones that automatically block the number you're calling from. Personally, my VM greeting is set up to instruct patients to call the office number after 5pm and on weekends. You should also be very clear with potential employers what hours you are available to work. Some hospice companies think nothing of working you near to death. Also keep in mind that when a loved one is dying, emotions tend to run high and sometimes family, friends, and even patients will say hurtful things. You have to be able to shake it off and keep going in order to provide the best care you can. Being able to compartmentalize is an asset. Other than that, your excitement will hold you in good stead. Patients love to see a smile of your face. Sometimes you will be the only ray of sunshine they have in their lives as their families are often operating under a load of fear and anxieties. Your ability to love them through that will be a great blessing in their last days.


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