Is it me or that hospital's system?


So just needing a dose of self esteem that I recently lost after being declared "Not a good fit" at a large hospital in a large city. I don't understand why on a critical care floor they are still doing the following 1)paper charting 2) non-user friendly antiquated computer charting 3) no nurses aides 4) no lab techs to do draws 5) no respiratory therapists. The nurses do it all.

And yes, there is a high turnover rate on that floor. What a surprise.

yet on a nearby med surg/tele floor they have Nurses Aides and an admit/discharge RN. I'm a cautious and good compassionate nurse. Some regulars on the critical care floor have told me that I received a very strict preceptor and should ask for a different one. I think that I should just move on as quick as possible. The interim manager (yeah - I wouldn't want to manage that floor either) stated she would try to find another floor for me to work on and regulars have confirmed that that situation does happen however the recruiter is on vacation for the next 2 awkward is it to be basically informed to go home and wait for a phone call?

I have received service excellence awards and this is hard to take.

Has anyone else been through this type of situation? I'm ready to go back to travel nursing.

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The use of nurse aides in critical care is rare in my part of the country - primary care is the norm. Many organizations are still struggling to find the gazillion$ to implement electronic health records. Not unusual for CC nurses to do their own blood draws. I do question the lack of Resp Tx.. that is not up to standards if patients are on mechanical ventilators.

Is there anything you like about the organization? Doesn't sound like it. So, maybe you should consider that you are not a good fit for this place.