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Is it hard to find jobs as RN in Chicago area?

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I will be graduating college with BS in biology next month.

I want to take classes at a community college and get AS degree in nursing.

However, I'm not sure if I will be able to get a job as RN after I get my associates degree.

It seems like a lot of the hospitals want BSN.

I have been struggling to find a job with biology degree,

and I want to make a career plan change.

I'm worried that I would be in a same position even after I get a RN degree.

As a new grad of RN program, would it be hard to get a job at hospital in Chicago area?

Thank you for the help!

MrChicagoRN, RN

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Since you will have a BS, I recommend you look at a BSN or entry level MSN. it will make you much more employable

I suggest you not waste your time on an ADN degree. You should look at a BSN program (many schools also offer an accelerated program that is 16 months) or even an MSN program that could make you appealing to employers.

Also, since you are changing careers, have you looked into perfusion technology. If you already have a bachelors in Biology, your odds of getting into perfusion technology are high -- go for their MS in perfusion program. Rush University, Benedictine University, DePaul University all offer this degree. Starting salary for BS in perfusion technology is about $96K. Good Luck!