Is there a guarantee?


Hi everyone. I need some serious help. I recently graduated from USF with my bachelors degree in Pscyhology. My overall GPA is definitely not good at all, but it was good enough to get the degree. I'm pretty much looking to start all over again but am finding it EXTREMELY difficult to do so.

I tried to start out by doing the LPN program first but found out that the school does not participate in loan programs (which at this point is my only option.) Then I found out that as of right now, Valencia College is accepting applications for SUMMER 2013!! And in order to even apply, you have to have all your pre-reqs done which could take about a year and a half. I know I'm venting, I'm sorry. :confused:

What I guess I am trying to figure out is, is there ever really a guarantee? I have heard so many horror stories about people being rejected from the RN programs multiple times and they eventually give up. Where do you go from there? I don't want to give up on trying to pursue a career in nursing but it seems like every one in the central florida region makes it impossible for you to succeed (or even try for that matter.) I don't mind doing the pre-reqs over again (it will be beneficial for me since my GPA was so low - I knew I had to pretty much start all over again.)

I guess I just need some uplifting words.

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I was in your same shoes. I graduated actually several years ago with my B.A. and decided to go back to school and change careers to nursing in 2009. I thought it would be an easy route, but not so by any means. I first thought about LPN school, mainly because the program was only 10 months. However, I decided it wouldn't be the best route for me if I planned to become an NP quicker than later.

Long story short, I took the 6 prerequisites I needed for an accelerated nursing program. 6 classes=2 semesters=1 academic year. I chose the program that required the least amount of prerequisites and now I'm two semesters from graduating with my BSN. I finished my prerequisites by end of the Summer session 2010, but my application for the ABSN program was deferred to the Spring 2011 due to the Fall 2010 term being full. I found out quickly during taking my prerequisites that I wasn't the only one who is going back to school for nursing.

Nursing school is competitive, especially the ASN programs. Accelerated programs are competitive too, but not as much as the ASN programs. There is no guarantee for acceptance for any program, no matter what it is. However, don't let that discourage you from pursing nursing. Do some research on all the ASN programs in FL and ABSN programs as well and apply to all of them. Many of the ABSN programs do require that you have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA from your first degree. Take the necessary prerequisites and do well in them. Good luck.


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I am two years in to my bachelors degree in Psychology and have decided to switch over to nursing. Since I have all of my gen ed requirements for the bachelor degree they will transfer over (at least to my school) and all I need to take are A&P I and II (which I found online combined and today was my first day of class) and Microbiology. The rest are nursing courses that are in the program. If I were you I would start getting the pre-reqs out of the way. I know at my school the ASN program is crazy full and competitive, however the BSN program is not as competitive because people want in and out in two years. Well for us that have the bachelor gen ed requirements it will only take us two years as well, but we will have a BSN.

I start my nursing program next fall (I missed the cut off for this fall) and will be done in 2014. However, I will have all the gen ed and pre-reqs done while there will be some people that have a couple to finish up.

If I can do it, you can do it!!