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Is it a good idea to sign a contract if husband is going to military?

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Hello All! I've researched everywhere for an answer but I can't seem to find one. I recently graduated nursing school with my BSN in December. My husband has made the decision to join the military and he will be shipping within the next couple of months. As a new Grad most hospitals are requiring to sign a 2-3 year contract for employment. What happens if I were to sign a contract and then my husband stationed elsewhere? We have two children I don't know if that information matters... Will I have to finish out the contract before relocating with him or does the military orders override that contract?

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There are laws in place that help military and their dependents get out of several kinds of legal contracts due to PCS orders. I don't know about an employment contract specifically as I never dealt with that, but I know my husband and I had to break leases a couple times, etc.

However, if you know this is coming up imminently, legalities aside, it would be fairly morally crappy of you to sign a contract you absolutely know you will be breaking. If you know the move will be happening within a couple months, just wait and look for work at the duty station. Every base has an office that helps military spouses find employment.

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Thank you. Well I don't absolutely know I will be breaking the contract. I'm just curious to find out what was to happen if we had to relocate as a family. I can't afford not to get a job. I need a job and all of the hospitals down here require to sign a contract.