Is the Elsevier Review Guide enough to pass the Hesi Exam? UTHSC Houston

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Hey guys!

For anyone that's already taken the Hesi exam I was wondering if the Elsevier Assessment Review is enough to pass the exam with a high B or A. I am looking to take the Hesi before September and the reason I ask this question is because I last took A&P I in the Fall of 2013 so I'm not sure if I should retake the course or not. I have taken some online Hesi quizzes and I've done alright so apparently I still have some of that information retained. Any kind of input would help. I hope I made sense :).

I loved that review book! i recently just took the HESI, and after studying that book for 2 months, 1-2 hours a day, i made a 90% on math and a 90% on reading comprehension, those are the topics my school require us to test on. everything that was in that book contributed to my score. Good luck !!

Thanks for that information. I wish my school would just take those two subjects. I have to take all except chemistry and physics so let's see how that goes for me. I am due to take mine May 19th.

To answer this question completely, I would say it depends on where you stand with the material before studying. I used the HESI pocket prep app and the Elsevier review book and barely studied. I didn't have to take Chemistry. I used the book mainly for Math (It's been 18 years since I've done fractions) and A&P as I had only taken A&P I. Every single sentence in the A&P section is a potential question. I can't really speak for the vocabulary, grammar, and reading sections bc I already excelled at those topics. I didn't study any of those sections and got an A on them. This is why I say it depends on where you stand with the material. In my opinion, the questions are fairly basic. A&P is probably one of the more difficult topics as it's not something you've been tested on since you were 5 and not everyone has taken both A&P I and II at the time of the test.

Best of luck!

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