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Is the ELMSN-FNP at Samuel Merritt Univ worth the cost?



I was looking at SMU and it looks like a great school however the cost is so high. It seems like a really good program but I just want to hear from other people if it is worth the high tuition cost. I would have to take almost everything out of loans to pay for the tuition and cost of living. I would be in so much debt and if I am making that decision, it would be nice to know if other people are able to find decent job placement to pay for those loans. Is the program and nice as the university makes it seem?


I just applied to the ELMSN-FNP this cycle to begin Jan 2020. I too have been looking over the tuition. The schools seems great and all but the price is very high compared to other programs. Any information/advice will def. help in making the final decision if accepted!