Is this a doable thing?


Okay so my local cc requires that I have taken a high school biology and chemistry before I can take AP 1. Well I never took a high school chemistry so I was thinking about taking an accelerated straighter line course in general chemistry so that I can get started in AP 1 and II do you think this is a good idea? and do you think that my school wold accept something like this? otherwise I would have to take CHM 1 at my local cc for a semester before I can get started in AP I....I'm just eager to start AP and get the ball rolling! Thank you to all who reply! (I tried asking admissions through e-mail, but got no reply...and my school is actually on the list for straighter line that accepts ACE credits!)


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If you are sure the school will honor the ACE credits then go for it, but remember you stated that you never took a chemistry class before. I believe for you to succeed in a condensed accelerated chemistry and walk out with an A you need to be very strong in math for there are numerous formulas that need to be memorized. So if your math skills are strong and you will do well. On the other hand if they are only mediocre are you willing to accept a grade of B possibly a C or even worse?

I can tell you from experience that you do not want any C's on your transcript, especially if you are only looking for an AS degree, you want to remain competitive with your GPA. Now if you are strong in math then by all mean go for it, you will enjoy the chem class possibly to the point where you will take chemistry as elective courses.


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Thank you. I saw my school on the list so I do believe they will honor the ACE credits. I will be receiving tutoring as well because I actually am no good at math, but I would really like to succeed, and start my core pre requisites as soon as possible! Thank you for your advice!

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I would physically go in and talk to a counselor. Chemistry is hard with a lot of math. Plus will your school offer you tutoring if you don't take the class there? I'm going to advise against it if you haven't ever had a high school chemistry class.

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Initially chemistry was a toughie for me. I over thought each concept until it drove me mad! I was sure within the first few weeks I'd made a huge mistake taking the accelerated course.


It ended up being one of my favorite subjects and I went on to take a O-chem & Biochem class. My advice: Use all the resources you can. If there is a supplemental instruction, study sessions with the professor, or even just reviewing the concepts on Khan Academy before class - do all those things! It is a very math heavy subject and there are so many equations to memorize and understand. Be proactive about your learning and take control of your studies by always reading ahead and having questions prepared for class (instead of trying to learn them in class).

Be sure to positively encourage yourself too, you can do anything you put your heart and mind to!