Is Cybertex in Austin, TX a decent LVN school??Pls help thx


Ok looking to.commute about an hr away from.home just so i can attend this vocational school. I am trying to start with Cybertex in Austin TX because the two colleges that's nearby one of them is full and one of them does not start until June 2017(i can't wait that long). Just found out Cybertex is now an accredited program i saw the list. Anyways, and btw i am not paying for my college the VA is and they also pay for my books and they give me a stipend every month for $1,200. Anyways my question is that has anyone attended Cybertex LVN program (one in Austin TX) is it a good program? what should i expect?? are their credits transferrable because i'm planning on bridging to ADN program sometime down the line?. If you have any info about Cybertex LVN pls comment they also have a good passing rate for the NCLEX or no??Thank you very much


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Since its been a while since you posted this question i was wondering how things worked out.were you able to get your lvn from cybertex?


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Hello bunnyhopp I did not get to attend Cybertex it was too far of a drive and plus my car broke down the following week i posted this. LOL!!but anyways I am studying to take the HESI next month at Temple College.


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The BON website shows Cybertex's NCLEX pass rate stands at 40%. Perhaps your car did you a favor! Best of luck on the HESI.