Is CSULA RN to BSN hard to get into???


Hello. I will be graduating with my ADN degree this December

but I just decided to get my BSN after passing NCLEX.

My top choice is CSULA but I'll be also applying to CSUN and CSULB.

But I have horrible horrible grades...thankfully I haven't failed any courses but I could never pull any A's...even for the pre-req's I had to do for ADN nursing program.

So I looked into CSULA's admission requirements for nursing school and it stated transferring RN students require only passing grades for prerequisites but this was posted on 2008.

And the website doesn't show a lot of information for RN-BSN program so I was wondering if anybody who knows about the admission requirement can give me the information.

Thank you!!!!!


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I would give them a call and have a frank talk with a nursing school advisor.