Is CRNA a masters or certificate only?

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Hello there, I am new on allnurses. Sorry if my question seems a bit ignorant. I googled my question but I did not find definite answers... is there a definite answer? :confused:

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I had a similar question like this in mind when I was applying to CRNA school. I noticed that some schools/programs offered a "Master's of Science in Nurse Anesthesia", or a "Master's of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Nurse Anesthesia", etc. A CRNA told me there is no difference what the "title" of your degree says because it's all the same. So you will receive a Master's degree for CRNA.

Some schools/programs will offer a "Post-Master's Certificate for Anesthesia" if you already have earned a Master's degree in Nursing and seek further preparation in nurse anesthesia. (Example: you already are a Nurse Practitioner and would like to be a CRNA).

Since a CRNA told me this information- I'm not sure if this is the exact correct answer, but I hope it somewhat helps answer your question.

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