Is COM* E173 Public Speaking a requirement?

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I have a severe case of social anxiety, I'm just now trying to go to College. I wanted to make sure I know what I'm getting myself into... I was wondering if anyone was force to take this class because there is no way on earth I'm going to able to go through with this class. I live in Connecticut,every Community College I have search so far this in their curriculum.If I can get a note from the doctor may be lucky enough to dodge this class?

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If you're looking for medical advice and aren't talking specifically about nursing, you are in the wrong place. This thread will probably be closed in that case. Since this is more college-oriented than medical, I'll throw my two cents in before that happens.

Most colleges have some sort of oral communication requirement for graduation. I doubt any note from a physician would allow you to waive the requirement. If you have social anxiety, perhaps an online education would suit you better. There are many reputable schools that offer entire degrees online. You may also be able to take an equivalent online course and transfer it in to your school. Just be sure to check with the school's registrar to make sure that it would be acceptable.

N I was not seeking medical advice, just wondering if this class was mandatory because I don't want to make a fool out of myself in this class because I know the possibility of me having to make a presentation in class. Thanks for the reply and adivce Kabfighter. An online degree is the last thing I would want to do for various reasons... I will just contact each College and see what I can do if I ever have to take that course.

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Most schools have their catalogs posted online. It might save you a few phone calls to search around for them.

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