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Is being in a clique bad?

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You sound young by your posts. Perhaps young enough that you have not yet experienced life beyond school. The things that are important before you get to "real life" are not important when you start living it. If they are, you need to check your vanity.

I don't mean this to be worded as harshly as it is. I'm not sure how to really share these thoughts in a nicer way.

Well, thank you for that. But don't make assumptions based on what you know from other people's posts. No, it's not just me.

Everyone in my class is very cliquey. I've got life experience, I've worked as a teacher in a poverty-stricken country before coming onto this programme.

I honestly don't care about groups, but it just seems that everyone in the class is into this, so I'm just trying to fit into the system, because I don't want to be an outsider if you know what I mean.

I don't know how it works in the US, but in my country, it seems that people like to keep to themselves.

I'm not jealous of anybody in the class, I don't care what grade they get. But it seems that other students care too much about others, and always thinking of trying to beat them, how many people will drop out of the course etc..

I couldn't care less. I'm only there to do the best that I can.

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