Is the CHES exam worth it for RNs?

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I am graduating soon with a bachelors degree in Community Health and will begin a master's entry Clinical Nurse Leader program in the Fall (I am not yet an RN). My question is should I take the CHES exam now while I am fresh out of my community health program and eligible for student pricing and if so, why? What makes CHES certification worth the exam cost for nurses? More specifically, is the CHES exam worth it for a new nursing student who is currently unsure if public health/health education nursing is the direction she wants to go in after becoming an RN? Are there other certifications that are better? Thanks in advanced for your help!

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I have never come across any jobs that required CHES... but have encountered quite a few Community Health or Health Education grads that decided to become nurses after they were unable to find work in those fields. Please make sure you have an accurate idea of your job prospects as an entry level MSN .... you're going to be competing for exactly the same new grad jobs as the BSNs because there are no "higher level" entry-level jobs for inexperienced nurses. In reality, many hiring managers (like the ones in my organization) actively avoid entry level MSN applicants because they are not perceived to be a good fit for their new grad slots or residency programs. Forewarned is forearmed.