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Is Bio 156/181 easier in person than Rio Salado?


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How much "easier".. and by easier I mean, less Essays is taking Bio 156/181 in person rather than Rio?

I took 156 at Rio Salado and was over whelmed by essays.. I couldn't keep up with the mandatory essays plus the essays you should do incase they pop up on the midterm.

Any thoughts?

I'm in BIO156 at Rio right now. I am not having much trouble with the essays. You just write an introductory paragraph, a paragraph answering each question, and then write an "application" paragraph where you write how the lesson applies to some healthcare-related situation. I love not having to show up to a class. I'd say it all depends on your writing ability and your self discipline to get the labs and assignments done on time.

All Rio science courses have several "Assessing Your Learning" essay questions at the end of each lesson. You only have to do 2 for homework, but any of them could appear on the midterm and final. I don't actually write all the essays beforehand, but I study them all and make sure I know exactly what I would write if they popped up on the test. It's been a good strategy.

I am liking the Biology course because there is no math, unlike Chemistry.

I was wondering the same thing! I'm in the BIO156 8 week online class at Rio and essays take me forever to complete. I have the most trouble with the application paragraph. My husband is a nurse and most of the time he can't even think up application scenarios for me. I am really nervous about the midterm and final. Anyone have advice on passing those and what essays to memorize?

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I am also in the course right now. I'm a teacher, and don't have a medical background so I just write the application paragraph relating to my current position as a teacher and how I could use the material in my classroom.

There are a lot of essays, and I am worried about the midterm because it covers such a large amount of material. I was curious about taking the course in person and if we are still required to get a 60% or higher average on the tests or if the grading policy and assignments are different. I took bio before years ago and we just had in class quizzes, lab reports, and the midterm and final and it didn't matter what you got on the final and midterm as long as you had enough points to get a C or better.