Is it always this hard to speak to a CRNA??

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Hey everyone!

I got accepted to a summer internship at Kaiser Permanente

hospital for high school students! Right now, the interns have an

assignment to interview someone that works in a field they're interested

in. For me, that job is a Nurse Anesthetist, and I was really happy

to have a chance at an interview. :rolleyes:

The problem is, it is so hard to get ahold of a CRNA!

First I was given the wrong number for dept. manager, and I have been

redirected twice already. When I finally get ahold of a CRNA,

the phone got cut off!! I was told by all the people I spoke to that

they were very busy.

Though I understand that a job as a CRNA is very busy, is it realistic

of me to set up an interview with one? I don't want to be considered

an annoyance! At the same time I need to write a report on this interview...:uhoh3:


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I can't speak for all CRNAs but I believe most would be happy to speak with you. A few suggestions, call back again and ask to speak to the chief CRNA. If they are not busy they can help you set up an interview or do one with you.

Second, maybe try an off shift or a week-end shift, sometimes these shifts may be less busy than first shift (tho some are still extremely busy). Third, go down to the OR yourself, approach one of the CRNAs you see and express your interest in what they are doing and get an interview when they can spare some time. Keep trying, is what I'm trying to say. Good Luck



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Thanks alot! I really appreciate your help!:D

I'm going to try some of those suggestions...

I just hope they won't kick me out of the O.R. =/


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Find out the names of the anesthesia groups and look up their office phone. Ask if they would help arrange a phone call or give an email address of a crna that would be interested. Or if you or someone you know has a crna friend start there. I am sure there is someone in one of those groups who is really into teaching and sharing their experieces.


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I finally got a hold of the Nurse Anesthetist there!

It turned out she was actually really happy to have me interview her...

She even invited me into the O.R. to have the interview, and watch

what she does.

I'm looking very forward to it! =)

Thanks for your suggestions!

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