Is ADN nursing degree good to find a job?

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I got a double majors in Physics and Math in 2006 and recently tried to get as much as information regarding to BSN tradition and Post Bacc. However, I saw a lot of crazy story about the grade and teas test. Now I begin to wonder if it is possible to get into the program.

I am not a native speaker or a resident of the USA. Last three years I worked in the advertising and film industry in Los Angeles. I want to move out from California because it is getting expensive to live and most of people here speak Spanish rather than English. I got two B+ in statistic and Life Span class from csu la. I got A from Nutrition from UCLA. It was not a good experience because most of my classmate rather spoke Spanish than English. I found out from them that California wanted to place ADN students rather than BSN nurse. Yet due to the majority of Mexican in SOCAL, they expect me to be able to speak Spanish. (I learned it from working four years in Los Angeles).

Now I got accepted into pre-nurse major at U of Utah, UNLV, ASU and U of Arizona to do my pre req. All of them scared me that being in pre-nursing does not garantee that I would accept into the BSN program. When I completed Anatomy, Physiology and microbiology, I am not sure if I could find a spot. However, with 3.5 gpa, my friends told me to ADN to ease my anxiety because I might be able to get in.

Do you think ADN nurse have a chance to get hired in places outside California?

If you are considering a move to AZ (sounds like you are because you mentioned ASU and UofA) then there are other options available to you. Let me know if you'd like more info

Yes please. Could you tell me what the option is?

I sent you a private message


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I don't think you'll have any issues finding a nursing job with an ADN. I currently work in an ER as a new grad with my associates. In WI (at least northern WI), they no longer employ LPN's in an acute care setting, but frequently accept ADN's. Some of the hospitals require that you obtain your BSN with six years of hire. I feel that an ADN is a great place to start and then you can pursue your BSN; there's a multitude of options for that.

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