Irvo Otieno

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I was wondering if some experienced Psychiatric nurses could comment upon the Irvo Otieno case. The recent release of footage from the Henrico Jail is particularly disturbing, as the camera reveals that deputies were punching Otieno while he was in mental crisis. How about the footage from the Central State Hospital? Was the prone hold on the ground truly unusual? Do the hospital staff who are onlooking seem criminally negligent? The public seems outraged that Otieno was held in the prone position at all, but was it the prone positioning or the manner in which it was carried out (without adequate medical supervision, perhaps without due cause) that was the problem?


Here's video from the Henrico Jail, truly disturbing:

Should I repost this in a more general category? I was hoping that an experienced psych nurse would have some wisdom to share. Perhaps not enough details are known yet about this case?



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