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Irish Nurse Moving to Canada

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We need help as were pretty confused. My husband and I and the two kids want to move to Canada. I am a registered nurse in Ireland but trained AS A REGISTERED GENERAL NURSE AND QUALIFIED with a certificate. This was the only route into nursing in Ireland then. I have since completed the diploma in nursing and have 16 years experience in general, renal,surgical and a small amount of orthopaedic and have worked as a registered nurse in Germany, Australia and Ireland. I need to know if our understanding of the process is correct.

Firstly I need to get each states nursing board to assess my registration. Can anyone let me know if the lack of a degree is going to be a problem and does it sound like I'll be able to work as a registered nurse in Canada.

Secondly assuming that I get my registration successfully assessed I will need to sit the CRNE exam.

Thirdly, assuming I pass this, I can then apply for positions in whatever state I am registered in. At this point on foot of receiving a job offer I can apply for permanent residency for myself and my familly.


Anyway the reason I feel we need permanent residency is because I heard this was required to be covered under the healthcare system and for my kids schooling.

Have I got this all correct and am I right in thinking this could take years. We would really like to move to canada but we went through the same process some years ago for australia and it was far less complicated and far quicker.

All answers are greatly appreciated as we really want to go to Canada but are feeling a bit overwhelmed and are wondering will be accepted.


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I have moved this to the International forum as per red banner asking that all enquiries on immigration is placed in that forum leaving this free to discuss Canadian nursing issues.

Much better to apply to the province you want to live in. The process can take several months but I don't feel years unless you are looking at the PR route from the start and that can take a few years. Many are able to get a temp work permit and then apply for PR once in Canada and working. There are a few UK nurses currently going through the process and maybe worth looking at their posts for experience One is RGN1 and other Novascotiabound, there are a few others but these 2 come to mind.

Also suggest a search as much already written on Canada

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