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IPN and work

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I am new to IPN and am patiently waiting to return to work (patiently=3 months). I tested positive on for marijuana on a drug test after I was called in for investigation because I was an outlier on our floor for distributing narcotics. Nothing has come of the narcotic investigation (because I really was administering these medications- we had chronic pain individuals on our floor), however, I resigned from my job because I felt the situation was handled poorly. Unfortunately, my drug screen came up positive for marijuana use, in which I self-reported to IPN, have refrained from work, and am currently complying to everything they've asked of me. I know that I can't work but have been going on interviews. I have 2 jobs set up but am unsure of what exactly I have to tell a future employee of my involvement. I have not yet signed the IPN contract, and they have not been supportive of my questions or need to expedite the process so I can RETURN to work.

Has anyone found problems revealing their involvement with IPN to future employers even if they are not required to take random drug tests or have no limitations on their jobs? Has anyone been placed in a similar situation? I honestly only have one year of experience, and have not had any positive reinforcement from this program? I thought IPN was supposed to help nurses? Has anyone ever had an employer be supportive of their involvement, or has it only hindered your/their career? I really feel alone in this matter if anyone could offer their help, it would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!