University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Nursing Student Summer Employment

  1. I was curious if anyone has participated in the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics summer employment opportunity for nursing students? If so, how was it? I have applied for the 2014 summer employment and was hoping to hear about it from someone who has done it before. Thank you!
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  3. by   Soccergirlltsc
    I applied for this last month and have two interviews on Friday: one for med/surg oncology and one for the child and adolescent psychiatric unit. Did you hear anything/what unit?
  4. by   tbeck14
    I have a interview tomorrow morning for the surgical neuro intensive care unit and ambulatory/urology.
  5. by   Soccergirlltsc
    I'm just interested to see what this experience would be like. Do you think it is more of a CNA job or nursing externship?
  6. by   tbeck14
    From what others have said and what they explained in the interview, you do work as a CNA. There are four 12 hour shifts where you precept with a nurse on whatever floors you choose. People who have completed the Summer 10 program last year said the nurses let them do more than what is in the CNA's job description as you become to feel more comfortable. In my interview today, I was told that there would be down time on some days where you could help assist or observe in procedures. So I guess the experience is what you make of it. If you really go out of your way every day to try and find something new to learn, then it could be an awesome experience. If you go into the summer only going through the routine of completing simple CNA work, then you will not be getting the full experience even though it is not an externship. The student who completed the program last summer was given a job offer after graduation if he wants it so it possibly is a great way to get your foot in the door at Iowa.
  7. by   fsnurselaur9
    I interviewed a week ago. It is technically a nursing assistant position from what I have gathered. However, I do not know how many students each unit hires? I was told I would probably hear back around the end of February.
  8. by   Soccergirlltsc
    Thanks for the info! It definitely sounds like a great position to consider. Yeah, I don't know how many people they hire/how competitive it is. It sounds like they have tons of different interviews going on different units though.
  9. by   tbeck14
    Last year there were sixty positions available but I'm not sure if they cut any this year due to budgeting. The Mayo cut their internships back to fifty this year
  10. by   Soccergirlltsc
    Super laid back interview! It sounded like a really great opportunity.
  11. by   gvfuturenurse27
    I have interviews for the neuroscience adult inpatient unit and the pediatric specialty clinic on friday! Thank you for all of the great info.
  12. by   Soccergirlltsc
    ekenkel, my interview was super focused on situations. "Tell me a time where you would go back and change something. Tell me a time when you used therapeutic communication. Tell me a time you dealt with conflict." They were both super friendly and encouraged you to ask a lot of questions. They also were super open to having you schedule as many hours as you wanted to work. The program sounds like a great learning opportunity, even though it is considered an assistant position. The person who interviewed me told me that they love having the summer 10 kids and encourage you to float and observe different floors. Then on Wednesdays, they do not schedule us on the unit. Instead, we spend the first half of the day in classrooms with the other 60 interns and the second half shadowing. That's most of the info I got from the interview. Good luck with yours! Those both sound like great positions.
  13. by   fsnurselaur9
    Has anyone heard anything?
  14. by   Soccergirlltsc
    Not yet. I was really hoping for some news today!