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Thanks for answering my questions about the U of I. I interviewed there,but decided to accept a position in Cedar Rapids.Where is everybody from? I'm originally from Red Oak,but have lived in... Read More

  1. by   BillieRN
    A fellow Quad Citian
  2. by   older nurse Bertha
    you aren't alone. I have been in Ottumwa for 36 yrs and still have another 9 yrs to go [ I hope].
  3. by   futureRNtraveler08
    I am from Northwest Iowa also. Work at a local hospital but looking into traveling to see what is out there and get more experience. Not much around here!!
  4. by   L&Doldtimer
    I see this is old, but maybe we can start it up again...
    I am originally from Fort Madison, now across the river from Burlington in Illinois (FINALLY the road is open both ways across the river-that flood was something I'll not soon forget). Work at GRMC in West Burlington now-thinkin' bout traveling-was looking at L&D position in Cedar Rapids at Mercy-shoulda gone for it....
    Ah well....