Starting RN school in Waterloo

  1. Seeking part time work in the waterloo area. Have searched online, but no luck really. Anyone out there who could suggest a decent place to work while in nursing school in the waterloo area?
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  3. by   angelgrlia
    Are you an LPN or CNA?
  4. by   island40
    Go to the hospitals and look into tech or assistant jobs. Even working in the dietary department will help you later on when you want a good nursing job.
  5. by   RescueGrrl211
    LTC or Hospital?

    The Western Home (downtown Cedar Falls) is an excellent facility. I have been there for 5 years and love it.
    Also, The Luthren Home and Friendship Village are supposed to be a good ones.

    I would stay away from Ravenwood, Parkview, Country View (county home), etc. They are traps for crappy care.

    Both hospitals are good though!
  6. by   natalio
    Thanks for the suggestions. I am an LPN working towards my RN
  7. by   orthonurse09
    I recommend the hospital on on the north side of town, just get on their website and look for tech jobs there are a lot open right now.
  8. by   island40
    Do you know that Hawkeye uses a grading scale that does not have +/-? That means that if you get a little lower than a B your GPA will reflect a C not a B- or C+?????
  9. by   natalio
    That is right, 80% is considerred not passing.
  10. by   island40
    it is more than just having an 80% pass rate. You would be hard pressed to find a nursing school that does not have an 80% required passing rate. The difference is that instead of your transcript having a B- with a 2.66 GPA you get a C and a GPA of 2.0!! Big difference when you try to get a higher degree- GPA counts!. Big difference if you need to go to another school to attempt to finish the nursing degree- 2.0 may keep you out and 2.66 could have gotten you in.