Job outlook in Des Moine?

  1. Hello everyone,
    My family and I are thinking about moving to Des Moine next year. I have been an RN mostly in ICu for 5 years. How is the job situation in Des Moine and surrounding areas? Alot of lay offs? What are the patient ratios? All the info you have is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  3. by   Smeredith1102
    I just graduated nursing school in May from a college in Sioux City. I applied for quite a few jobs in Des Moines back in March and accepted a job by April before even graduating and I know of a few other girls in my class who got jobs in Des Moines as well before graduating and NCLEX. I know Mercy seems to always have a ton of job listings on their career page. I'm not quite sure about Methodist because the only option I would have had there as a new grad was a residency program that I wasn't really interested in. But if I remember they had a decent amount of listings too back at the beginning of the year. Anyways, I hope that helps - it'd probably would be helpful to look at each hospital's career pages. Plus, there is not only Mercy and Methodist, but they have Mercy West in West Des Moines and a bunch of surrounding county hospitals all within a hour too. Oh, also, I interviewed on a med surg floor and the manager on that floor explained that patient-nurse ratio is pretty high , especially at night (obviously). During an interview for the ICU, the manager explained that their ratios on that floor is like 1: 2-3 patients.