DMACC vs Kirkwood programs?

  1. I am currently a senior in high school trying to decide where I want to attend college. I have for sure narrowed down that I want to do a 2 year community college (in order to save money). I really liked Kirkwood and they had really nice facilites, but I felt like they just had so many prereqs that were required before you actually got into the nursing program. I also really liked DMACC but what worries me is their waiting list. Has anyone attended DMACC and dealt with the waiting list? Can you start all of the general classes and get them out of the way while you are waiting or is there a lot of dead time while waiting? Any input is welcome I just would like some opinions on both of these programs

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  3. by   Ellie.D
    I would avoid Kirkwood. Their nursing program has been sliding for years. I started there but switched to NIACC which is much more student supportive. At Kirkwood everything is the students fault. There is no teaching, only testing. I don't think the instructors could pass their own tests. Cheap tuition is the only positive. Mt mercy is the premium school in the area. For community colleges, DMACC, NIACC, Ellsworth, Western Iowa and Hawkeye CC are all better. Many of these have hybrid programs, flexible programs, and extended programs. Kirkwood puts you through a horrific pace, no student support, unless you feel their militant remediation prices up feels at all supportive. It's more like a way for them to blame their incompetent instructor failures on the students. Heard great things from friends at all the other programs listed.
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