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  1. I'm a 30-something web designer and I'm thinking of changing careers and would appreciate any advice/info you could give. I currently work 8-5 and make decent money, but I really am not happy in my current job and there are very few design positions open in the Des Moines area.

    I worked in a hospital lab for 5 years the first time I went to college, and although it was really hectic and stressful I kind of miss it. I don't like sitting at a computer all day, and I miss the more logical/concrete thinking that is involved with the medical field. My thoughts were that a nursing degree is more in demand, and there are many more possible career paths as long as you are willing to continue your education.

    Financially, I'm doing well. Most likely, I'll never make much more than I do now with my current education. My husband has a good stable job and my son is old enough to not need daycare anymore. I can afford to take a part time position, but probably won't be able to stop working altogether while in school. I am limited to staying within the Des Moines area for school and work.

    I've done some reading on the different degrees/programs for nursing and am not sure what's the best move. I already have a BA from Grand View. Would it make sense to get a BSN instead of the Associates Degree? Should I just start with an LPN program? Is one school better than another (Grand View, DMACC, Mercy College, any others?)? Ideally, I'd like to pursue my education into graduate school, but I can't ever afford to stop working.

    Am I crazy for even considering this in our current economy?
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  3. by   mum2twogirls
    Hi! I am in the same part of this process that you are. I am changing careers and have two small kids (3 and 1). I have a BS in biology and some graduate level sciences classes. My plan is to get my associates at DMACC and then attend Frontier for a CNM or FNP. They do not require a BSN, just a bachelor's degree in something.
  4. by   nursing291
    Nursing is very hard esp. nursing school and then the boards are crazy hard. I really wouldn't recommend it. Don't get me wrong I love helping people. If I had to go through it all again I wouldn't. Just way to much stress...
  5. by   maggie67
    Also in nursing right now there are no jobs for new grads. I'm in Iowa graduated in May, 2009 and have been looking since then and nothing. To me going into nursing is risky. There is no nursing shortage especially in Iowa.