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I have been wondering for some time. How much do you invest in personal and professional growth.

If there are no CE's attached do you take seminars an workshops related to nursing?

Do you or would you take self improvement seminars or work shops that are not nursing specific?

How much would or do you spend on this?

What sort of class would you like to see offered? What kinds have you taken, nursing or non nursing?

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I very rarely go to seminars anymore. When I was a member of a Christian church, I would frequently go to offerings they had like Bible studies, how to pray, homosexuality and the bible, etc.

I do most of my personal grown and self-help stuff with the help of books etc. and I go to yoga classes twice a week.

I would spend up to $30.00 to attend wellness, nutrition, and alternative medicine seminars. But working nights whenever I see notices at the health food store or in magazines, I rare go because I don't do daytime stuff easily. :)


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WOW! 71 people have look at this and only on reply! I am guessing that the other 70 do not and would not do this.

I was told that only 5% of the general population voluntairly take additional education for professional development or self improvement and pay for it themselves.

I have also heard may nurses say that if they have to pay for a class they will not take it. There seems to be a lot who think thier basic nursing education is enoungh. I have also heard nurses who say if it doesn't have CEs they they wont take it no matter what it is.

I know I am not the only nurse who values learning enough to not be concerned about CEs, or concerned about it being directly related to nursing, and value it enough to pay for it. Where are you?


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Negotiated a nursing union contract a few years back and fought like heck to get more educational benefits for the nursing staff. We ended up with an incredible package. In the 20 years that I was a bedside nurse, I sure would have liked these kinds of perks. To this day, out of a couple hundred nurses, I am told that the staff rarely take advantage of the paid educational stipulations that we contracted for. Very discouraging to hear!

I find that many nurses obtain their required 30 CEUs (California) by taking an easy, cheap, and quick home study course.

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I would add that I do continue my education beyond nursing school. I've taken a lot of continuing ed both in the form of classes and seminars. I just finished for the third time a course in basic EKG. I'm about to start a semester of "Progressive Care Nursing".

I think it's important to continue to learn.

I'm very fortunate that where I work each of us as $200.00 a year we can tap into for continuing education. Plus $2000.00 for advancing our degrees. Maybe that's why nurses are so unwilling to pay for it themselves, when so many hospitals pay for it.

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Though CEs are not required in my state to maintain my license, I do continue to take classes that I feel will benefit my practice. I enjoy learning and I think that it will make me a better nurse. I don't really travel for classes unless they are paid for though. We do have an education budget so I can usually get paid for going to the class and reimbursement for the cost of the class (there is a cap on this but I can't remember how much). Our managers etc do encourage education as well. I think that it should be required and paid for because practice and technology are changing so quickly.

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Seems like I am always in one sort of class or another..nursing, business, personal growth...I enjoy learning new things...when I am not in a class I usually am in the midst of reading..usually this is something metaphysical or mind body spirit based...


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Thanks for your replies.

Now would you ever pay yourself for these classes? And going back to the original How much?

What if it was not about nursing technology but maybe, about business in some aspect?

Or presenting yourself in a more professional way to say perhaps gain more respect or confidence, or to learn how to manage subordinates and others better, or to persuade or negotiate or any of a hudred or so other topics that are taught regularly.

Again what would you pay. What about a class that could help you open a nurse related business.

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