Investigation meeting with CARNA


Hi guys!

I need some urgent help! I have had two back to back suspensions and now have an investigation meeting with CARNA. I am stressing out like crazy!! Don't know how to prepare or what should I say! If anyone's been through this, please help!

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You need advice from a lawyer. Are you in a unionized position? If so, have you contacted your union to ask about legal representation?

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If you're in a unionized position, UNA will provide you with both advice and representation throughout the process. They should already know about your suspension because it's a collective agreement requirement that they be informed. Did you have union representation at your suspension hearings? The local will arrange for a labour relations advisor to be present at every stage. The LRA will be able to advise you on what to say, what not to say and run interference for you during both the interview and the tribunal. You're right in being frightened by this, because CARNA is well-known for being rigid and unsympathetic.


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Call the union. They will help. Depending on what happened it may turn out ok. I had an investigation of me cause the manager wanted me gone and was petty. I was cleared.