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another student nurse :)


my name is morgan and i'm in my second semester of a four semester (adn) program. i have been a cna for 4 years. i actually took that job because i was going to college to become a teacher when i realized that medical interested me more. but, i didn't want to get caught up in paperwork and politics so i opted for the adn program. at least here, they get more clinical time and more actual nursing work than dealing with nutrition and management etc. just my opinion, do with it what you will.:D


i am 23 years old, i am not married and not in a relationship. i was in a serious relationship that ended just before school started. his lack of self-esteem got to him and he never thought he was good enough for me. then, two months into the program, my 16 year old sister came to live with me because the courts deemed my mother unfit. contrary to what you might think by now, i'm a very upbeat person, but the stress and bookwork are starting to get me down. we are now trying to go over mental health portion and it doesn't interest me at all. i find it hard to remember the facts when i'm not interested so if anyone has anything that can help me with that--i'd appreciate it.

the best part of this whole thing, though is that i never conceived the notion of doing this when i was younger because i just assumed that i was horrible at math and science and that i would never make it. but, i gave it a go last year and now here i am--at the top of my class. i never thought i'd be here and just hope i can make it to graduation.

hope all studies are going well with everyone and am looking forward to speaking with some of you.

take care

good night :zzzzz

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Welcome, Irisheyes !

Good to have you on board.

At least you decided to give it a go before waiting too long, as I did... for much the same reason... the fear of science/math. :uhoh21:

I procrastinted for many, MANY years, although I had wanted to do this forever !

Wish you the best in your endeavors, and as far as the parts that don't interest/excite you... just buclke down and know that ya gotta do them, too, regardless. Bite the bullet and get them behind you. ;)

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Welcome! :)

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