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Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself, I've been reading this forum for a while and have finally decided to take the plunge! Wow, I have so many questions to ask... but first introductions!

I'm currently a BSN student at Umass Boston, I just transferred into the college of nursing and with some luck I should be starting clinical's this fall. I'm very exited, not really sure what to expect... In my pursuit to making myself an attractive candidate for crna school I have been volunteering at mass general hospital, have enrolled myself into the schools honors program, and miraculously have managed to keep a 4.0 gpa, however I feel like there could be more, I was hoping you guys (and gals) would have some suggestions, or could share what you did in order to prepare yourselves for crna (should I take extra science classes?). Also I was wondering if there was anyone who has attended or knows about the crna programs offered by BC and North Eastern U

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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Hi! Welcome.

A few quick tips - we are in the middle of finals, so pardon the brevity.

1. Focus on the here and now. Do well now, but keep your eye on the long-term goal.

2. Consider an ICU externship during your junior-senior summer. That gets you one step closer to the unit upon graduation. The sooner you get high-acuity ICU experience, the sooner you will be qualified to apply to anesthesia programs.

3. Job-shadow. Begin networking now with CRNAs and learn about the anesthesia community. It's often difficult to make long-term plans when you are not yet in clinicals. Keep an open mind...

Good luck!


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Thanks for the suggestions Athelin1, good luck with finals :) :)


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Congrats on keeping a 4.0!!! I was planning on applying to BC CRNA program on my next round of apps but fortunately got into my 1st choice schools on the west coast. Since you live there I would get a copy of BC application packet-it lists their current requirements and get those that you don't already have. The ICU experience is a must-let your BSN instructors know that is where you want to be and lobby for that in your clinical rotations. BC requires the minimum of 1yr ICU exp. They also require a stats class and ACLS,PALS (which you can get when you finish your BSN-your employer will pay for this if your work in ICU). BC also requires taking the GRE but you can take that after you finish your BSN. Taking extra science classes will not hurt as most BSN programs do not require any more than basic intro classes in sciences. Agree w/Athlein-shadow a CRNA to be sure this is what you want to do!!!

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Congrats on the good grades. Welcome.

Good advice about concentrating on the here and now, lots to do between now and then. Good luck!:)


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Thanks for the help, i have a long way to go but im enjoying every minute :)

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