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patricia c. seifert, rn, msn, crnfa, faan

masthead date october 07, 2002


just under a year ago, more than 70 nursing leaders met in salt lake city, ut, to write a new chapter in nursing history by voting to merge two groups of nursing organizations to form the nursing organizations alliance. the alliance's vision is to serve nursing organizations by influencing and optimizing the profession, health, and healthcare delivery.

for three years, the governing boards of the national federation of specialty nursing organizations (nfsno, established in 1973) and the nursing organizational liaison forum (nolf, created by the american nurses association in 1982) had been meeting to create one organization. through the members' collaborative efforts and with the encouragement of the american nurses association, the organizations voted unanimously in november 2001 to form the alliance. today, the alliance has 35-plus organizational members that represent more than 305,000 professional nurses. member organizations represent clinical practice, education, administration, and research, reflecting the diverse ways in which nurses make a difference in healthcare and the greater community.

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alliance takes another step

cynthia saver, rn, ms

masthead date january 13, 2003


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Alliance awesome fantabulous idea -- and this post may look a little late -- but never too late to be careful not to assume that all nursing organizations are what they appear.

Some have sold their souls to have glossy paper and annual meetings in fun cities. Hope and pray that the Alliance will require full written disclosure of industry ties and possible conflicts of interest before inviting everybody in.

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