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Intro and Skagit Valley CC


Hi everyone! I'm new here... just about to start taking my pre-reqs in January at Skagit Valley CC. I wondered if anyone here knows much about Skagit Valley's program. I'm wondering how long it will take for me to actually be able to start the nursing couses once I've finished my pre-reqs... since they do a wait list?

I'm nervous about going back to school! I'm older... 41... and have been staying home with my 3-year-old daughter. I already have a graduate degree in psychology and used to work as a school psychologist - so this is a big career change for me. I'm so excited about it! But I also wonder if I'm too "old" to be jumping into this now! I hope not because I've really wanted to go into nursing for a long time. Looking forward to chatting with you all...

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