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Intro to Chemistry Help


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One of the pre-req's I need to take for nursing school is Intro to Chemistry. I'm definitely not doing "bad" in the class by any means, but I've noticed a trend with the tests that we've taken so far and I'm trying to figure out how to improve my scores.

Apparently I don't speak the language of chemistry well or understand it. So when the teacher is asking questions on the test I'm never quite sure what exactly she's asking for and end up misinterpreting it, then getting the question wrong or feeling uncertain of what she wants. Usually her tests are 1/2 multiple choice and 1/2 formula type problems and I have no issues doing the formulas whatsoever and even ones where I have to explain things I have no issues with. But her multiple choice questions always trick me!

Does anyone have any advice on how I can improve my understanding of the terminology so I can know what she's asking for? I honestly think if I had more time on the tests I'd be able to figure out the best possible choice, but we usually have between 70-80 problems to do in 50 minutes which just isn't enough time to second guess myself.

Ask your teacher if you can talk with her about the issue. It will help you understand the tests better and also help her know that you really are trying to do well. Ask your teacher if there are extra assignments that might help you learn the concepts or extra credit you might be able to do.

I struggled with Chemistry too. Keep up with the reading and do every assignment. But know that you might need to supplement the textbook (in my experience most textbooks aren't that great). I borrowed "Chemistry for Dummies" from the library and looked for online teaching through youtube videos and iUniversity (don't need an Apple device, just with a computer and an iTunes account) to get some of the basic concepts.

I finished with an A. If I can, ANYONE can.

Yesterday was cool because I ran into my Chemistry teacher and got to tell her I'd been accepted into an accelerated nursing program. I thanked her for helping me through the class. It was my first pre-req class and if I hadn't done well I probably wouldn't have continued.

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Good day, krrbrr:

I agree with CDEWannaBe; you need to talk with your professor to get their advice. Most professors would probably love to have you make an appointment, show up prepared, and then ask for such help.

Thank you.

I agree - ask your teacher! It sounds like you aren't struggling with the concepts, but with how to phrase the right answer. What terminology, exactly are you struggling with?

Khan Academy is very helpful, if you have the time to invest.