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Intro and agency protocol and regulatory questions

by dorothyinva dorothyinva (New) New

Hi, I'm new here. I've been a nurse longer than I'll admit to :) and have worked med/surg, oncology, ortho, psych, D&A, hospice, ltc and post acute rehab.

Years ago I worked in home health and have now returned to that arena. It's very different now. First there's that nasty little "C" that's been added to the OASIS and then the agency I'm with doesn't do things the same way as my former agency. In addition, there is always more than one answer to the same question, depending on who you talk to, the day of the week, the mood their in, and how the sun, moon and stars are aligning with the planets. I'm feeling a little perplexed:confused:.

Are there any home health RN's on here that would be willing to answer some questions?

Thanks in advance.


Specializes in COS-C, Risk Management. Has 20 years experience.

Ask away. Feel free to PM also.