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We recently underwent our JCAHO survey, the nurse that came to our unit asked how we involved other disiplines in our patient care. We have always had a good working relationship with the ancillary departments but had no set time that we all got togather to plan care. I know that on the medical floors their care planning is focused on patient discharge but this is not always appropriate in the intensive care unit. I would like to know how your unit is meeting this standard and who do you involve in these sessions? Mostly we work with respiratory therapy, dietary and social services but at times include physical and ocupational therapy, lab, x-ray, and pharmacy.


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mrsrn. we have a twice a week interdisciplinary meetings (used to be 3 x week) that includes, Social Services, dietary, someone from QA, sometimes MD from QA, and the primary nurse. We do a very quick pt. report, focus on what each discipline is doing for pt., answer whatever question each has. Social Worker writes quick, (few words), 'plan' , we all sign and tape right into the pts. chart.

We were always taught that a patients discharge planning was initiated right from admission. I agree that as the nurse in ICU it seems strange, but if you think about it, that is exactly what our goal is. Sometimes their impression is "will follow", sometimes, candidate for phys. rehab, or home care.

We also have a interdisciplinary teaching form that in right in the front of each pt. chart and everyone is supposed to read, choose, initial and update. Of course, as is many other duties, nursing is usually the ONLY one doing it!

Although, we do work hand in hand with lab, phar., resp, they are not generally included and in the world of JCAHO if it's not recorded, we haven't done it! They just live in another world.

Anyway, we just received a 91% from JACHO with no deficiencies in this area. Good luck.


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Thanks for your help and congratulations on your survey. That is great! :)

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